Day 14 - Pindapata (Offering of Alms) in SS14 Subang Jaya

The helpers for Pindapata (Offering of Alms)

Day 14 (24.06.2018) Pindapata (Offering of Alms)

05.00am – Morning call
05.30am – Group Meditation
06.30am – Queue up, Breakfast Dana offering and food collection
07.30am – Lining up for Pindapata
08.00am – Pindapata (Offering of Alms)
11.32am – Lunch Dana offering and food collection
11.55am – Sharing of merits. Food contemplation, lunch and clean up

Pindapata, is the practice of collecting alms food, as observed by Theravada Buddhist monks who have gone forth from ‘home life’ to ‘homelessness.’

The word “pindapata” is elucidated in the Visuddhimaga as:  “Alms food is any sort of food or nutriment is called “alms food” or pindapata – literally means “lump dropping,” because of its having been dropped (patitatta) into a bhikkhu’s bowl during his alms round (pindloya). Or alms food (pindapata) is the dropping (pata) of the lumps (pinda); it is the concurrence (sannipata), the collection, of alms (bhikkha) obtained here and there, is what is meant.” (The Path of Purification, Bhikkhu Nanamoli, Part 1, Paragraph 89, BPS).

Lunch Dana offering and food collection

Dhamma Talk: Significance of Pindapata and the Field of Merits

01.00pm – Reflection and Closing Ceremony

Venerable B. Sri Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thero
Venerable Dr. Dhammapala Maha Thero
Venerable Dr. Viditradhamma Their (Lieu Phap)
Venerable Sumangala Bhikkhuni

Samaneri Representative
Representatives from SJBA
Sharing of Experiences by participants: Pursuing a Path to Inner Peace
03.00pm – The 3rd TSNP Memory Lane Video Presentation
Presentation of rd TSNP Certificate and Souvenir
04.00pm – Sharing Merits & End of Programme.
Returning to lay precepts ceremony
05.00pm – Pack up, clean up, return things to original place and check out.

Wishing all a safe journey home and May all continue to live by the Dhamma until the final Nibbana. Sadhu (3x). Goodbye.

The benefit of alms food giving 

When devotees performed dana by offering food accumulate merits. “Where should one give a proper gift? Where does a gift bear great fruit? How, for one bestowing alms, does an offering bring success – just how?” “[The Blessed One:] “One who has known his past abodes, who sees heavens and the plane of woe, who has reached the destruction of birth, a sage consummate direct knowledge: ”Here one should give a proper gift, here the gift bears great fruit. That’s how, for one bestowing alms, an offering brings success – just so!” (Samyutta Nikaya, Sutta 7, Brahmanasmyutta, Stanzas 676 to 678, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Wisdom Publications).  

“For those people who bestows alms, for living beings in quest of merit, performing merit of the mundane types, a gift to the Sangha bears great fruits” (Samyutta Nikaya, Sutta 11, Sakkasamyutta, Stanza 917). 

“When they give out of faith, with a heart of confidence, food accrues to (the giver) himself both in this world and the next?’ (Anguttara Nikya, Chapter 1, V. Ablaze 43(3) Food, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Wisdom Publications).

When we have the opportunity to offer alms food do it mindfully, whole heartedly and joyfully.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Contributor: Chin Kee Thou


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Day 14 - Pindapata (Offering of Alms) in SS14 Subang Jaya

The helpers for Pindapata (Offering of Alms) Day 14 (24.06.2018) Pindapata (Offering of Alms) 05.00am – Morning call 05.30am – Gro...